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Interview with Stefano Cavaglieri

Stefano Cavaglieri was one of the speakers in the Congress about Visual Audio: a new preservation strategy for fragile disc recordings by means of photography. 


What do you prefer, Oslo or the Congress? 

I prefer the city, because I think the subject of the Congress is more enduser oriented than I am interested in, I am more technological.

What have you seen in Oslo?

I walked yesterday from Blindern Studenterhjem downtown to the City Hall and back to my hotel. That was a nice walk, nice buildings and surroundings. Unfortunately I do not have had much more time here, because I am going to leave tomorrow morning.  

What do you think of "the Norwegian evening"?

To me it was kind of boring, but I must say that I do not like folk music at all, not even my home country folk music. I had preferred to listen to the music in the Student festival that I passed from my hotel to the Norwegian evening. The music yesterday in Oslo City Hall I found interesting.

Like many tourist in Norway, Mr. Cavaglieri thought it is expensive in Norway compared to his country, Switzerland. It is at least twice as expensive, and he adds, "Oslo is more expensive than London, which is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe". However, he can only compare the prices in the bars, restaurants and hotels. 


By Sissel Eun Kyung Aune / edited by Marte Horndalen

Published 17 August 2004




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