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Farewell dinner August 13th 2004


Farewell dinner at Restaurant Fredrikke. After an aperitif, people sat down at the tables and Inger Johanne Christensen welcomed all to the IAML-IASA Congress' farewell dinner. She hoped everybody had enjoyed the Congress and introduced the evening's Master of Ceremonies, Asbjørn Inge Straumfors from the Norwegian National Library.



Asbjørn Inge Straumfors started with a toast for IAML-IASA 2004 Congress, before he continued with the program for the evening. When he introduced the evening's menu, he also gave a lecture about the animal statues one can find in Oslo, since they are not exactly what a tourist would expect. He started talking about the tiger in front of Østbanehallen and the name "Tigerstaden" (Tiger-city); a tourist would perhaps expect salmons... On the menu this evening there was no salmon, but capelin instead. The next story was about "Lion Hill", Norway is not exactly famous for having lions in our forests, yet there are two lions outside our parliament. There is not much venison in the Norwegian forests either, but there is moose, not exactly the same as our dessert that evening, which was chocolate mousse.

After the main course there were some speeches, and the former president of IAML, John Roberts gave the first. He started by applauding the Norwegian IAML and IASA members, and thanking for a great week.

The next speaker was Inger Johanne Christensen who thanked the volunteers and sponsors, with special rewards for NRK and the National Library. She also pointed out Jon G. Olsen, who wanted solutions, not problems.


The reward continued with a "rose- ceremony", where the president of IASA, Kurt Deggeller and the new president of IAML, Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi presented the staff and volunteers with roses. 

After the dessert there was coffee and dance. 





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By Sissel Eun Kyung Aune 

Published 19 August 2004



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