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MIC - Consert in "Gamle Logen"

MIC - The Music Information Centre in Norway invited the Congress to a concert with Norwegian Music in "Gamle Logen" on Thursday evening. 
"Gamle Logen" was originally built as a Masonic Lodge and official banquet hall for the city of Oslo, in 1836. Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen and Ole Bull are some of the famous persons who have performed here.
Elef Nesheim, Chairman of the Board (MIC), said in his speech that the concert wanted to present a broad perspective on Norwegian music, and he wished all a heartly welcome.

The program stretched from Norwegian tradional music played on the Hardanger fiddle, via contemporary music represented by compositions of Kåre Kolberg and Eivind Buene, to Norwegian jazz - also called Nordic sound.


"Slått" (trad.)
"Seterjentens fridag" <2003> (Michael Finnissy)
Liv Merete Kroken, Hardanger Fiddle

"Våren" / "The Spring" (Edvard Grieg)
"In praise of love" <1975> (Knut Nystedt)

Det Norske Jentekor, Barbro Grenersen, dir. 
Kimberley Kleft Ås, recitation



"Three Quartets" <1998-2000> (Eivind Buene)
"Quartetto per archi" <1964> (Kåre Kolberg)
Cikada String Quartet:
Henrik Hannisdal, violin
Odd Hannisdal, violin

Marek Konstantynowicz, viola
Morten Hannisdal, violincello






Arve Henriksen, solo trumpet

Tord Gustavsen trio
Tord Gustavsen, piano
Jarle Vespestad, drums
Harald Johnsen, bass


By Kristin Bråthen / Edited by Marte Horndalen

Published 17 August 2004                                            




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