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"Norsk" evening

At Blindern Studenterhjem there was a presentation of Norwegian culture, with traditional Norwegian folk dance and an introduction to Norwegian food.


Jacqueline rendered a paper on the difference between a shrimp and a prawn. She said she had always wondered about what makes the difference. After a careful study she concluded that besides the size - a prawn is bigger than a shrimp - the shrimps carries their eggs on their bodies, while the prawns do not.

When eating a shrimp sandwich there is a debate whether the mayonnaise should be under or on top of the shrimps. Her opinion was that the mayonnaise should be under the shrimp, to avoid the shrimps to fall off. 

In addition you squeeze lemon juice on top of the sandwich. On this there is no debate.



Norwegian folk dance

Leikarringen Telelaget had a little introduction of the two Norwegian dances "springar" (roundel) and "gangar". Aasmund Sudbø was compère and had an introduction before every dance about the music, song and the national costumes. Kari Nellia Groven and John Anders Halvorsen sang and Jon Olav Lia played the Hardanger fiddle.

After the preformance the delegates had the opportunity to learn how to dance and to play the Hardanger fiddle. 

Norwegian food

It was served Norwegian food such as sour cream porridge, shrimps, salmon, thin wafer crisp bread and cured meat. 

The Sound Hole

After the entertainment a lot of people sat outside and enjoyed the warm summer evening, but at 10:00 PM everybody who were drinking alcohol had to go inside. This is due to Norwegian policy on serving alcoholic beverages. 

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Text by Tove Jareld and Sissel Eun Kyung Aune. Edited by Marte Horndalen.

Published 17 August 2004



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