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Reception in the City Hall

Monday 9th of August, the IAML/IASA Congress was invited by the Municipality of Oslo to a reception in the City Hall. The City Hall had its foundation stone in 1931, and was opened in 1950. Every year the building hosts the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. 
The reception started with a carillon concert outside in the "Borggården" played by the soloist Vegar Sandholt.

Inside this majestic building "Peter Wollnick trio" played table music, while champagne and finger food was served.

                                                          Oslo City Hall



Bjarne Grevsgard



The host of the evening, Knut Even Lindsjørn, second leader of the Health- and social committee in Oslo welcomed us. Bjarne Grevsgard, Head of Broadcasting Archives, thanked the City of Oslo for the invitation. 
He introduced Gaute Vikdal, who played on the birch bark lur, in norwegian called "neverlur", an instrument made from the bark of a Birch tree.
A sample of this instrument was found in the "Osebergskipet", a ship used by the Vikings.
Gaute Vikdal played a composition of Arne Nordheim, called "OHM for lur and tape".
Gaute Vikdal

After the performance, in the end of the reception, there was a guided tour to see numerous wallpaintings, painted by among others, Per Krogh, Dagfinn Werenskiold and Edvard Munch.

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By Kristin Bråthen

Published 12 August 2004



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